When The White Eagle Polish Song and Dance Ensemble ``Biały Orzeł`` perform, they present a colorful display of Poland's diverse culture and history through song and dance.

Each performance is flavoured with a veritable tapestry of art through music and movement. Throughout its 50 intensive and successful seasons, the award winning White Eagle Polish Song & Dance Ensemble ``Bialy Orzel`` has worked diligently to develop authentic and artistic Polish cultural choreography & entertainment.

This colorful and energetic folk group was incorporated into the Canadian Multicultural mosaic in 1966 out of its founders' Paweł and Maria Dubicki's dedication to the preservation of Polish folklore and love for their homeland's national song, dance and costume.

Their deep affection, respect and honour for their heritage and our great Canadian diversity has been reflected throughout the many generations of the ensemble's performers.

See what audiences have said about us

Don't just take our word for it, let our admirers do the talking!

Agnieszka Sokołowska

This was such a special performance because it made my husband so happy. For me it was a connection to my ancestors. I have heard so many stories about Poland folk dance and now I could see them. The costumes were amazing! Words can't say the joy we felt watching Bialy Orzel!

Magdalena Partyka

Bialy Orzel is the ultimate in energy, talent and love of song and dance. The costumes are spectacular, the colors dazzling, the detail amazing. This showcase of Polish Culture stirs the heart of each person viewing the production. You don't have to be Polish to enjoy Bialy Orzel, but after the show you will certainly feel you are!