Edward Kuszelewski
President & Senior Team Representative

Former dancer of ZPiT Polanie Toronto, Past Pres. Gr. Mlodzerzy ZPK Hamilton, Community Activist, ZHPwK 15sta. DH Podhale, Knights of Columbus-Trustee, Proud Parent of Rep. Dancer & passionate supporter of Polish Culture & Youth. Let's grow our Zespol and have some fun doing it together!

Robert Zaniewicz
VP and Intermediate Team Representative

Proud Parent of two intermediate group dancers with Biały Orzeł since 2013, Active Executive Member and Supporter who applies his creative ideas and talents to all aspects of group operations and initiatives.

Diana Trejgo
VP and Junior Team Representative

Diana is a volunteer & a member of the Board since January 2015. She is the mother of two young dancers Alex and Karoline. She's passionate about the group & committed to its growth to ensure Polish culture is passed on to the next generation.

Lidia Mendel

Lidia is a former Biały Orzeł dancer and has been affiliated with the group since 1982. Today, she avidly supports the growth of the group while passing on her enthusiasm to the next generation of “Polonia”, including her three sons, who are also Biały Orzeł dancers.

Kasia Karbowniczek

Proud parent of Rep. Dancer since 1999, UofT Grad.& former member of Polish Students Assn.-Treasurer(2 Terms), Active Executive Member and Supporter who works to ensure the Fiscal Responsibility of our zespol.